Org mode TODO from cellphone



1 Motivations

I want to quickly add notes and TODO from any of my devices, without emacs, i.e. from my Android cellphone. In my opinion the best way to do this is to use an email trigger witch uses the body of your email as the TODO content. You can send the email from every device you own. A linux script can be used in order to copy the txt file content from your Dropbox into your appropriate org file.

2 Software used

  1. IFTTT
  2. Linux shell
  3. Dropbox

3 What to do

3.1 Connect your Dropbox account to IFTTT

3.2 Use this recipe to register your notes in a .txt file

IFTTT Recipe: Add TODO to a orgmode file connects email to dropbox

3.3 Use a linux script to copy the notes to your org file


cat ~/Dropbox/ifttt/Email/mobile_todo.txt >> ~/Dropbox/org/

cat /dev/null > ~/Dropbox/ifttt/Email/mobile_todo.txt

Date: 2015-01-02 10:42:49 CET

Author: falematte

Org version 7.8.02 with Emacs version 23

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